at a glance

  1. The Hyatt Ziva Barbados will replace the originally approved Hyatt Centric. This decision was made in consultation with Hyatt and in line with the strategic reinvestment area plan outlined by the Government.
  2. The Hyatt Ziva Barbados will include buildings from 10 to 18 floors. There will be 380 hotel rooms and 40 condominiums.
  3. The architects on the project will be DRS360 Hospitality Lab working in association with Archis Design Group Inc.
  4. Direct investment as a result of the hotel will be upwards of US$175 million.
  5. As part of the Environmental Impact Assessment requirements, Vision Developments Inc. has submitted and is awaiting approval of the following studies:
  6. Once all plans and studies are approved, construction of the Hyatt Ziva Barbados is expected to take two years.
  7. A traffic plan has been incorporated for traffic management in the construction and operation phases.
  8. During the construction phase, Vision Developments Inc. will employ between 1,500-2,500 people. Once completed the hotel will employ approximately 1,500 people.
  9. The Hyatt Ziva Barbados will be an all-inclusive property. Barbadians will have access to the hotel. Creating partnerships with local suppliers will be essential. Sourcing locally produced goods, including produce of all types, spirits and arts and crafts will be important for the hotel.
  10. The Government has mandated the Hyatt Ziva Barbados be connected to the BWA’s Bridgetown Sewage Plant. Vision Developments Inc. will contribute to the Bridgetown plant’s upgrades as a part of its planning obligations.
  11. As part of the Hyatt Ziva Barbados design, attention and care has been given to the following:
    •     The much needed addition of another world-class conference facility in Barbados.
    •     The enhancement of Shurland Alley to provide access, amenities and commercial activity for the public.
  12.  The Hyatt Ziva Barbados design has taken in to consideration the spirit of Bridgetown. Existing aspects of significant historical and architectural value will be respected and incorporated into the project. For example, the Old Harbour Police Wall will be included in the design.
  13. The Hyatt Ziva Barbados will be utilizing the following water conservation/generation features:
    •     Capturing water for reuse for irrigation and non-potable usage.
    •     All faucets, toilets and showers will be fitted with water saving devices.
    •     Cognisant of the damaging impact of global warming and climate change, the developers, through sustainable design and operations will actively support positive social. environment and economic development in Barbados.
  14. Health and safety procedures will be put in place and strictly adhered to in the construction process to mitigate discomfort (dust. noise etc.) to the neighbours.
  15.  The Hyatt Ziva Barbados falls under the Special Development Area for Bridgetown and will benefit from all concessions associated with this.